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Saints for Today: Bridget of Sweden, Religious (1303-1373)


Feast Day: July 23 From age seven on, Bridget had visions of Jesus Christ crucified. Her visions formed the basis for her activity—always with emphasis on charity rather than spiritual favors. Born near Uppsala, Sweden, at fourteen she married into nobility to the Swedish king Magnus II, with whom she had eight children, one who later became Saint Catherine of Sweden. ... Read More »

Saints for Today: Camillus de Lellis, Priest (1550-1614)


Feast Day: July 18 Camillus de Lellis was born in Bocchianico, Italy. His mother died when he was a child, his father neglected him, and he grew up with an excessive love for gambling. He fought for Venice against the Turks in the Venetian army and was a mercenary or “soldier of fortune.” At seventeen Camillus was afflicted with a disease ... Read More »

Saints for Today: Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop (376-444)


Feast Day: June 27 Cyril was born in Alexandria, Egypt. His uncle, Theophilus, was the patriarch of Alexandria and upon his death, Cyril succeeded him as patriarch. It is thought that Cyril was present at the Synod of the Oak, a meeting at which Saint John Chrysostom was deposed. Saints are not born with halos around their heads. Cyril, recognized as ... Read More »

Saints for Today: Josemaria Escriva, Priest (1902-1975)


Feast Day: June 26. By the time he was 15, Josemaria had seen three of his sisters die as children and his father go through bankruptcy. Feeling called by God to the priesthood, and after seeing a monk’s bare footprints in the snow, Josemaria entered Logrono seminary and continued at the seminary in Saragossa where he was ordained a priest ... Read More »

Saints for Today: Methodius of Constantinople (790-847)


  Patriarch of Constantinople, modern Istanbul, Methodius was born in Syracuse, Sicily, and built a monastery on the Greek island of Chios. He played a key role in the final resolution of the violent split in the Eastern Church over iconoclasm, the bitter dispute as to whether the veneration of icons—images of God and his saints—was heretical. Iconoclasm had begun ... Read More »

Saints for Today: Norbert, Bishop (1080-1134)


Feast Day: June 06 Bishop and founder of the Premonstratensians, Norbert was born of a noble family related to the Emperor. He led a worldly life, but became a subdeacon and canon at Xanten in the Rhineland, Western Germany. In 1115, he underwent a complete conversion after hearing a divine announcement and narrowly avoiding death. While Norbert was riding through ... Read More »

Saints for Today: Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Feast Day: May 31 Set aside by the Roman Church as an important feast, the Visitation celebrates Mary’s sojourn with her cousin, Elizabeth, pregnant with Saint John the Baptist, shortly after the Annunciation of Jesus. This feast originated in the Roman liturgy in the sixth century. It was introduced into the archdiocese of Prague in 1386, and in 1389 Pope Urban ... Read More »

Saints for Today: Rita of Cascia, Religious (1381-1457)


Feast Day: May 22 Born at Roccaporena in Umbria, Italy, Rita wished in childhood to become a nun but married in deference to her parents’ wishes a husband who subsequently became notoriously violent and unfaithful. For eighteen years she endured the abuses and infidelities of her violent husband. She also suffered the rascality of two sons who were strongly influenced by ... Read More »

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