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CrosierCast: The Knights of Columbus and Catholic Manhood

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Bishop James S. Wall
Bishop James Wall is the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Gallup.

Charity, Unity, Fraternity, Patriotism: these are the four essential pillars of the Knights of Columbus. This worldwide Catholic brotherhood encourages its members to perform local charity works, model Catholic fatherhood, and serve parish needs.

Bishop Wall has been a 4th Degree Knight for many years, and in this episode, he discusses the history of the Knights and their importance to everyday diocesan life.

Discussion points:  


1:07 – Bishop Wall’s experience as a member of the Knights of Columbus

06:05 – Charity, Unity, Fraternity, Patriotism – the four pillars of the Knights put into action every day

10:35 – The history of the Knights of Columbus

14:30 – What to the different “degrees” of knighthood mean?

16:40 – How the Knights put their mission into action in local dioceses and parishes

18:14 – How to encourage men to become a knight  – or how to become one yourself!


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