About Us

Why this website?

We in the Diocese of Gallup feel the need to participate in what Pope John Paul II called “The New Evangelization”: a renewing of our faith in Christ and His Church. The call to evangelize others is key to this movement, and one of the biggest tools at our disposal is New Media: blogs, websites, and social media controlled not by a few, as in the past, but by all people.

Read Bishop Wall’s blog post on The New Evangelization here.

In order to share in this Evangelization, and to better serve the people of the Diocese, it is the goal of this website to spread the good news of Christ throughout the Diocese of Gallup, using the latest technology and media to do so. We hope you find it helpful, and encourage feedback on any and all information found here. After all, as the Church tells us,

Christ commanded the Apostles and their successors to ‘teach all nations’, to be ‘the light of the world’, and to announce the Good News in all places at all times. During His life on Earth, Christ showed himself to be the perfect Communicator, while the Apostles used what means of social communication were available in their time. It is now necessary that the same message be carried by means of social communication that are available today. Indeed it would be difficult to suggest that Christ’s command was being obeyed unless all the opportunities offered by the modern media to extend to vast numbers of people the announcement of His good news were being used. Therefore the second Vatican Council invited the people of God ‘to use effectively and at once the means of social communication, zealously availing themselves of them for apostolic purposes.”

Pastoral Instruction on the Means of Social Communications (1971)

The communications media – and we exclude none of them from our celebration – are the admission ticket of every man and woman to the modern marketplace where thoughts are given public utterance, where ideas are exchanged, news is passed around, and information of all kinds is transmitted and received.”

– Pope John Paul II, Message for the 26th World Communications Day (1990)