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Pope Francis recognizes ‘Padre Kino,’ Arizona’s missionary priest

Bishop James Wall welcomed the announcement: "The example of the life of the ‘Padre on Horseback’ has played a large part in strengthening my own Catholic faith".

Along the Old Trail: the History of the Catholic Missions of Houck, AZ

Houck, 35 miles west of Gallup on I-40 was named after James D. Houck, a once horse-riding mail carrier before he started a trading post in the vicinity in 1874.

McCartys Feast Day: a Celebration of Pueblo History and Culture

It was standing-room only at the May 1st feast day celebration of Santa Maria de Acoma mission in McCartys, NM.

Burials in the Desert: A History of Keams Canyon, Pt. II

Out on an Indian mission a priest is not only a missionary, but he is also a doctor and an undertaker.

The Catholic Church in Tuba City

In the 1870s, a heavy Mormon presence in the area led to one of the Hopi leaders, Tuuvi, converting to Mormonism.

Ft. Defiance Parishioners, Clergy Plan Church’s 100 Year Celebration

"People are taking hold and getting involved. It's reawakened our pride."

In the Shadow of the Sacred Mountain: A Brief History of the Church in Shiprock

It took a long time and a lot of hard work for the two men to break down the anti-Catholic prejudice and gain the trust of the Navajo people.

Navajo, NM Parishioners Gather to Commemorate 50 Year Anniversary

St. Berard Parish at Navajo, NM is just large enough to seat a regular Sunday crowd, but people were packed shoulder-to-shoulder for the very special Mass in honor of the church’s 50th anniversary.

Serving the Jicarilla Apache People: A History of the Dual Villages of Lumberton and Dulce

The history contained here is complied from letters by Elizabeth Kelley, Msgr. Arthur MacDonald, and documents in the Diocesan archives. The parish of Lumberton began...

“No Place for Women and Children”: A History of Holbrook, Arizona

The following history is taken from accounts written by Elizabeth Kelley and an unknown author found in Diocesan archives. The Catholics of Holbrook were originally...

Laguna Church Celebrates 315 Years of History

Anyone driving through west-central New Mexico on Route 66 will eventually spot a white adobe church high atop a hill to the north, situated...

Shootouts, Cattle Drives and Model T’s: a History of the Villages of Catron County

Catron County Catron, located in southwest New Mexico, officially became a county in 1921. While it contains the largest land size of any county in New...

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