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Holbrook Community Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Catholic Parish

In 1913 a church was built and dedicated it to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and in 1923 the church officially became a parish.

Friday News Roundup: Vocation Retreat, V8s Fundraiser, and more!

Plus: Cabin Fundraiser Progress and Catholic School Lecture.

“Education happens in many ways”: An Interview With the NM Asst. Secretary for Indian Education

"I have to advocate for the basic human principles that I learned at St. Joseph Mission School."

San Fidel School Celebrates 100 Years of Catholic and Indigenous Tradition

"One of the things that is a result of combining both traditions, sharing and evangelizing our love of God, is that the kids are just filled with wonder and joy."

Friday News Roundup: Seminarian Aaron Alford will be Ordained to the Diaconate in April

Plus: Synod Listening Session, Kateri Shrine Internship, and More!

Celebrating 100 Years of Catholic Education and Pueblo Culture at St. Anthony School in Zuni

"The school has, and the mission has, a deep-seated effect on people."

Meet the Four Sisters Celebrating a Combined 125 Years of Religious Life

"Religious life is like a witness to the people. From our action and from what we do, we can bring Christ to the people."

CC083 – Make the Most of Lent

Bishop Wall offers some advice for making the most of the season.

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Farmington parishioners recount “joyful” experience at Guatemalan school

A personal account of the new friendship between a Guatemalan school and a parish in the Diocese of Gallup.

Southwest Catholic Youth Conference: calling young people to a joyful life in Christ

“We strive to teach teens of their inherent dignity, and incomparable worth as a son or daughter of God."

The 6 Best Lenten Smartphone Apps

While Catholics have been observing Lent for thousands of years, it's only in the 21st century that we've gained access to the vast wealth of information and convenience that smartphones provide.