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Bishop James S. Wall

CC007: Serving the poorest of the poor: the story of the Southwest Indian Foundation

For 50 years SWIF has funded well drilling, stove and heating installation, support for Native American arts and craftsmen, and scholarships for Catholic schools.

CC006: Loving and Living With Non-Catholic Family Members

Pope Francis has referred to the open walls of the Vatican as the mother arms of the Church, open to welcome all her children.

CC005: Advent, An Answer of Joy to a Secular World

The counter-cultural spirit of Advent sets off the Church's new liturgical year.

CC004: Why Mercy Matters, Part 2

How do we show mercy when we're tired, or hurting, or swept up in the struggles of life? Bishop Wall gives some solid advice.

CrosierCast Episode 03: Why Mercy Matters, Part 1

Why is the practice of mercy such a big deal?