CC007: Serving the poorest of the poor: the story of the Southwest Indian Foundation


In this episode, Bishop Wall becomes the interviewer! His guest is Bill McCarthy, CEO of the Southwest Catholic Indian Foundation. For 50 years SWIF has served the Native American peoples of the southwest through various outreach programs including well drilling, stove and heating installation, support for Native American arts and craftsmen, and scholarships for Catholic schools.

Discussion points:


00:32 – What exactly is the Southwest Indian Foundation?
01:25 – How did the desperate need for water access bring the Foundation into being?
06:07 – How has the ministry evolved over nearly 50 years?
08:20 – Why does the Christmas season tend to be so busy for charities?
13:09 – How does the mission of the Foundation intersect with the mission of the Diocese?

Useful Links:

Living Without Water: Contamination NationVideo on the lack of water access on the Navajo Nation by Vice 

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