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Cubero Church Adds “Welcoming Improvements” for Disabled Parishioners

Thanks to a fruitful partnership with a Chicago-based organization, Our Lady of Light Parish in Cubero, NM has been able to make accommodations for...

Diocesan Seminarian Ordained to the Transitional Diaconate

On November 30, 2013, seminarian Nathanael Block was ordained to the transitional diaconate for the Diocese of Gallup.

Holy Land Pilgrimage, Final Day: Bethany, Jericho, and Qumran

The final personal account of a Year of Faith journey to the Holy Land.

Meet the Seminarian: Nathanael Block

I entered the seminary when I was 18, in 2004. God kept me in His Hands, and continues to guide me into closer conformity with His Heart.

Year of Faith Holy Land Pilgrimage: The Holy Sepulchre and Jerusalem

A personal account of the Year of Faith pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Year of Faith Holy Land Pilgrimage, Part II

A personal account during a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Year of Faith Pilgrimage, Part 1: Rome

A personal recollection of the pilgrimage.

The History of San Rafael Annual Fiesta

This celebration dates back to the time when a priest visited the Parish once a year. During his visit, he would administer the sacraments to all who were waiting for his visit

Bloomfield Color Run funds good causes while raising heart rates

130 runners and walkers participated in the race, and about 40 kids took part in a special 100-yard dash.

What does it mean to be in Ordinary Time?

When the Church is not celebrating and drawing our attention to either of these two events – Easter and Christmas – or preparing us for these celebrations, then we are in Ordinary Time.

SEARCH Retreats Offer Youth a Deeper Faith Life

Search has been present in Dioceses throughout the United States and in our own Gallup Diocese for nearly 50 years.

So You Want to be a Saint?

There is a lot of background work that must be completed before the Church declares a person to be with God in Heaven, that is, declares them a saint.

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