CC027: St. James and the Power of Perseverance


St. James the Greater was the first Apostle to be martyred, barely a decade after the Ascension of Jesus. His death came at the end of a tough and often discouraging effort to evangelize the people of Spain, and a return to a Jerusalem that was often hostile to Christian communities. Almost 2000 years later, Bishop Wall takes a look at the life of this “Son of Thunder”.

Discussion points:  

1:15 – Who was St. James?

2:40 – The Camino de Santiago in Spain, also know as the “Way of St. James”

5:10 – What does the Camino have to do with St. James? 

7:10 – Why is St. James often depicted with a shell?

9:02 – What did St. James do after leaving the Holy Land to evangelize?

11:05 – Bishop Wall’s special devotion to St. James

12:25 – Don’t chase personal glory, and other life lessons we can learn from St. James

17:30 – Why Bishop Wall encourages following in St. James’ footsteps on a pilgrimage


Links from this episode:

I’ll Push You Movie 
The Way, starring Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen

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