CrosierCast Episode 02: What is the “New Evangelization”, Exactly?


The term “The New Evangelization” has become more and more popular in recent years, but what exactly does it mean?

First popularized by Pope John Paul II, the New Evangelization is a call to Catholics to proudly and lovingly live the Gospel message in the new millennium. In this episode, Bishop Wall breaks down the history and purpose of the New Evangelization and how we can continue to encounter Christ in the 21st century.

Discussion points:


00:38 – Why does Bishop Wall want to do a podcast?
2:53 – So what exactly is the “New Evangelization”? What it means to take the Gospel message to the world
04:55 – Pope John Paul II, the new Millennium, and the New Evangelization in the 21st Century
06:25 – How the internet, social media, and podcasts (yep, just like this one!) can be vital tools for promoting the message of the Church
09:32 – What does the New Evangelization means to Bishop Wall personally, from an episcopal perspective?
12:45 – “The Church in America” by John Paul II – how one of Bishop Wall’s favorite Church documents guides his leadership in the Diocese of Gallup
14:30 – The “4 Pillars” of the New Evangelization in the Americas.
  • An Encounter with the Living Christ: in the Mass, first and foremost, and in many other ways, such as the poor in our communities
  • Conversion: what does it mean to have a true conversion of heart?
  • Communion, with God and neighbor
  • Solidarity, and loving one another
21:56 – How these 4 pillars form the blueprint for the New Evangelization in the Americas
24:00 – The first thing Mother Teresa always made sure was established in each of her homes throughout the world
25:09 – Why attending Mass on Sunday is essential for a properly ordered  Catholic life
26:15 – What Bishop Wall’s vision and mission is for the Diocese of Gallup
27:17 – How have Popes Benedict and Francis continued with the message of the New Evangelization?
33:16 – How the New Evangelization helps us to counter apathy and secularism
34:34 – How to be a part of the New Evangelization in our daily lives

Useful Resources:

Ecclesia in America, by Pope John Paul II
The Word on Fire Show, with Bishop Robert Barron
Follow Pope Francis on social media:

Follow Bishop Wall on Twitter

We’ll see you next week for another episode, but in the meantime, do you have a question for Bishop Wall? Leave it in the comments below, send us a message on Facebook, or email us at [email protected]


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