Why Vocations are Crucial for the Catholic Church, with Mitchell Brown


Mitchell Brown is a seminarian for the Diocese of Gallup currently studying in Rome. He sits down with Bishop Wall to discuss why vocations are so important to the Church and how every Catholic can help to foster vocations.

Discussion points:


02:50 – Mitchell’s background growing up in Grants, NM
04:55 – Why send seminarians to study in Rome?
06:15 – Mitchell’s vocation story
11:46 – Mitchell’s advice and ideas for promoting vocations including prayer, daily mass, asking “have you considered your vocation?”, and reading scripture
17:58 – How Mary, Elijah, and the Apostles are models for vocations
24:21 – Mitchell’s upcoming diaconate ordination in April 2017
26:33 – Bishop Wall’s request to listeners regarding vocations

Useful Links:

Josemaria Escriva: “Holiness is for all”

The prophet Elijah – listening for God’s voice

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