CrosierCast Episode 01: Keeping the Faith in a Contentious Election


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Welcome to CrosierCast, the new podcast hosted by our very own Bishop James Wall! Each week Bishop Wall will discuss a wide variety of topics, ranging from popular culture to Gospel reflections to current world issues. Sitting in to present questions will be Suzanne Hammons, the Communications Director for the Diocese of Gallup.

Our topic this week: the 2016 election.

Has the election gotten you feeling stressed? You’re not alone, especially when it comes to voting with a clear conscience. Many voters are pointing to this year’s election as a major source in their lives, and this may ring especially true for Catholics who wish to exercise their right to vote. But what if you find yourself unable to choose a candidate? How to deal with the seemingly constant flow of vitriol and high emotions present in debates, the news and on social media?

In our first episode, Bishop Wall discusses how Catholics can fulfill their civic duties without violating their principals.

Discussion points:

01:55 – What should be the attitude of Catholic citizens in an election?
02:50 – Act always in love and charity – don’t attack
04:45 – How to act with a properly formed conscience
05:40 – What are the important issues facing Catholics in this election?
06:15 – What are “intrinsically evil” acts, and how do they tie into an election?
08:14 – Which issues can be left to “prudential judgement?”
11:24 – Should the Catholic Church simply stay out of politics?
 14:45 – What if a person cannot give their support to either candidate? What about state and local elections?
16:26 – What should Catholic candidates and politicians be mindful of?
19:28 – Should Catholics be afraid of alienating others when expressing their beliefs?
21:10 – How to express ourselves in love
22:25 – What history can teach us about the place of the Catholic faith in  elections and politics
24:05 – Why we should never vote blindly along party lines
23:00 – What are some good practices for keeping ourselves from falling into anger or despair over a stressful situation like an election?
27:11 – Use the Jubilee Year as an opportunity to practice mercy

Useful links:

Catholics in the Public Square, by Bishop Thomas Olmsted – View a politician’s official voting record and stance on a number of issues
Our God is Marching On: Speech given by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the role of religion and courageous activism in American politics


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