Faithful Citizenship in Trying Times


Has the news got you feeling stressed? Unsure of how to handle the constant stream of politic on social media? Bishop Wall discusses how we can engage lovingly and courageously in an era of loud, often angry public discourse.

Discussion points:

01:55 – Why fear is counterproductive 
4:00 – The bishops in America are part of a national organization known as the USCCB – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. In order to further engage with citizens and lawmakers about issues relevant to states, each state also has its own conference. Bishop Wall is a member of two of these conferences – the Arizona Conference of Catholic Bishops and the New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops. What kind of work do the Bishops play in state politics? 
06:07 – Breaking down the separation of Church and State, and why freedom of worship and freedom of religion are not the same thing
08:22 – How do we discuss hot-button issues without resorting to personal attacks?
12:37 – The problem with “ad hominem” arguments
14:35 – How to keep stress and fear from news and loud headlines from overwhelming us
16:40 – Regardless of our personal feelings toward any elected official, we are all members of the same country. What are some productive ways to engage with officials, whether we agree or disagree?
19:33 – Humans like to deal in labels – “the government”, “the Catholic Church”, “liberal”, “conservative”. But how do we see past these broad terms to the very real human beings that form them?
20:05 – Bishop Wall’s thoughts on the offices of the President and other elected officials
21:23 – Many Saints and famous figures have lived through far tougher times than our own. Who are some role models we can look to for inspiration?

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