A Catholic Response to Tragedy


When we awake to the news of yet another mass shooting, bombing, or attack, our society often reacts with fear and anger. Instead, Bishop Wall suggests we should look to our faith to guide us. Faith is not a guarantee that we will be protected from harm; rather, it helps us to seek justice, find forgiveness, and live without being ruled by fear.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” – Romans 12:21


Discussion points:  


01:10 – Bishop Wall’s first thoughts when hearing of a tragic event

03:55 – The emotional power of faith, rather than fear

07:57 – What St. Martha can teach us about dealing with tragedy

12:20 – How Jesus was no stranger to grief and loss

13:30 – Why our faith matters, even in the most trying of times

18:25 – How to live fearlessly

21:20 – Putting faith and prayer into action, and how to help relief efforts


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