At Annual Tournament, Golfers Raise Record Funds for Diocesan Missions


Teams of golfers at the Bishop’s Classic Golf Tournament in Farmington, NM smashed previous records by raising $25,000 for non-profit efforts.

The Catholic Peoples Foundation, an organization that assists in providing financial support to the Diocese of Gallup, sponsored the annual event.

According to executive director Herb Mosher, a total of 32 teams of four players participated in the tournament. Mosher credits more prizes, games and sponsors with this year’s success.

“The planning for this one was superb,” Mosher said. “God gives you a beautiful day – a drop dead gorgeous day.”

The Catholic Peoples Foundation primarily donates profits from fundraisers to Catholic schools, seminarians, and building restoration in the Diocese of Gallup. Every February or March, the foundation holds a Mardi Gras festival for Catholic schools, but proceeds from the golf tournament are flexible.

“In the past we’ve always said schools,” Mosher said. “This time, Bishop [Wall] wanted the flexibility to include those with the greatest need. Could be schools, could be a church that needs a roof.”

The top prize in the tournament is the Bishop’s Beef, a 750 pound steer, processed and packaged for the winner.

“Bishop’s Beef has become our gimmick,” said Mosher. “It’s gotta be a donated steer, and this time the donor called us. He turned out be an interesting fellow who doesn’t play golf, but is a strong Catholic and not only wanted to provide the beef, but let everyone know it was organic.”

Most of the teams and players came from the local communities of Farmington, Aztec and Bloomfield, but a few travelled from Gallup and Durango. Mosher credits his planning committee for a high turnout, and says the Foundation hopes to add more prizes and events for the 2018 tournament.

“There are two people on the committee who really would like to bring in a pro – get the pro to drive for you for something like $25 a drive,” he said.


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