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Saints for Today: John Bosco, Priest (1815-1888)

Saint John Bosco, Priest (1815-1888). Feast Day: 31Jan Giovanni Melchior Bosco was born in Piedmont (now in north-western Italy) and raised by his mother...

Saints for Today: Paul, Apostle (1st Century)

Feast Day: January 25 An important feast day for most of the main churches, Paul’s conversion signifies the overwhelming power of the Christian faith to...

Saints for Today: Anthony, Abbot (241-356)

Feast Day: January 17 Anthony (Antonius) comes from ana, above, and tenes, holding, meaning one who holds on to higher things and despises worldly things....

Saints for Today: Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop (315-368)

Born of two pagan parents, Hilary used his own powers of reason and concluded that there must be a God.

Saints for Today: Most Holy Name of Jesus

Scripture places great emphasis on a person’s name.

Saints for Today: John of Kanty, Priest (1390-1473)

John of Kanty is a typical saint: He was kind, humble and generous; he suffered opposition and led an austere, penitential life.

Saints for Today: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Throughout the Church’s liturgical seasons, many feasts are honored in the memory and honor (not worship!) of Mary, being the Mother of God and of Jesus Christ.

Saints For Today: Nicholas, Bishop (4th C.)

According to the legend, Nicholas was a great miracle worker who provided a dowry of gold for three poor girls whose father was forcing them into a life of prostitution.

Saints for Today: Cecilia, Virgin & Martyr (2nd c. AD)

When Cecilia was caught burying her husband and his brother, she was condemned to death.

Saints for Today: Gertrude, Religious (1256-1302)

As a nun, Gertrude had her first vision of Jesus Christ at the age of twenty-six.

Saints for Today: Martin of Tours, Bishop (317-397)

One of the most famous episodes in Christian history is told of Martin on a cold winter day, cutting his own cloak in two and giving half to a shivering beggar.

Saints for Today: Charles Borromeo, Cardinal (1538-1584)

In the face of the Protestant challenge, Charles energetically dedicated himself to implementing the reforms promulgated at the Council of Trent

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