Sunday, September 20, 2020


For Klagetoh Mission, Evangelization Comes Through Basketball

On the reservation, basketball is life.

CC006: Loving and Living With Non-Catholic Family Members

Pope Francis has referred to the open walls of the Vatican as the mother arms of the Church, open to welcome all her children.

Bishop Wall to Lead 2017 Pilgrimage to Fatima, Santiago, and Lourdes

The pilgrimage, from March 13-22, will include daily Mass, tours of famous churches and monasteries, walking tours and sightseeing throughout Portugal and northwestern Spain.

CC005: Advent, An Answer of Joy to a Secular World

The counter-cultural spirit of Advent sets off the Church's new liturgical year.

CC004: Why Mercy Matters, Part 2

How do we show mercy when we're tired, or hurting, or swept up in the struggles of life? Bishop Wall gives some solid advice.

CrosierCast Episode 03: Why Mercy Matters, Part 1

Why is the practice of mercy such a big deal?

CrosierCast Episode 02: What is the “New Evangelization”, Exactly?

The term "The New Evangelization" has become more and more popular in recent years, but what exactly does it mean?

CrosierCast Episode 01: Keeping the Faith in a Contentious Election

In this first episode, Bishop Wall discusses how Catholics can fulfill their civic duties without violating their principals.

Legacy of Love: Mother Teresa’s Sisters Uplift the Unwanted People of Gallup

“Mother Teresa always said 'we are here for poorest of the poor', who have no one. They are fallen, so somebody has to lift them up."

Once Lost but Now Found: Two Men Find a True Home as New Deacons

"When I received that book of the Gospel, I had tears in my eyes."

Latest News

How diocesan schools are adapting to Covid-19 as a new academic year begins

Whether in-person or virtually, teachers and staff remain committed to providing the best-possible education to their students.

The Biblical Case for the Papacy | Sunday Homily

Bishop Wall examines the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 16, in which Jesus designates Peter as the first Pope.

Catholics pray for Navajo man scheduled for federal execution

The idea of the prayer vigil, Bishop Wall said, is to pray for Mitchell's conversion, for healing for the victims' family, and for conversion of the hearts of the executioners.

Obituary for Fr. Arley Downie (1931-2020)

Fr. Downie served in the military and raised a family with his wife, Valda. After she died, he answered the call to serve the people of the Diocese of Gallup as a priest.

Sunday Homily: “God Always Hears Our Prayers”

God is always listening to us, even if He does not answer our prayers in exactly the way we wanted.