CC030: The Christmas Season Doesn’t End on Christmas Day


You know that song, The 12 Days of Christmas? As far as Church seasons go, Christmastime actually extends through the New Year! The Feast of the Holy Family, St. Stephen’s Day, Epiphany – all of these special days fall after Christmas, and mark a very special and joyous time of year!

Discussion points:  

1:45 – Christmas is not over after Christmas day

03:35 – What is the Octave of Christmas?

05:43 – The Feast of Epiphany, Baptism of our Lord, and St. Stephen’s Day

10:00 – How should we observe/celebrate the Christmas season?

14:10 – A good Catholic mindset for the Christmas Season

16:12 – The feast of Mary, Mother of God, World Day For Peace, and the last day of the Christmas season

18:20 – Tips from Bishop Wall on making New Years’ resolutions?

19:43 – Final reflections


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