What Popes and Poor Widows Can Teach Us About Charity


In the Gospels, Jesus observes a poor widow give two copper coins as an offering at the temple – a huge relative to her status in life. In modern times, Pope Francis has habitually opened the resources of the Vatican to the poor and homeless. Although these two people are divided by centuries and status, their example is the same: all of us are called to act with charity, for in doing so, we imitate Christ.

If you cannot find Christ in the beggar at the church door, you will not find Him in the chalice. – St. John Chrysostom

Discussion points:  

06:44 – Why is charity so integral to the Church’s mission?

09:36 – How Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day, and Pope Francis serve as powerful modern icons of charity

13:40 – Why doesn’t the Church sell its treasures to serve the poor?

16:10 – How can those who themselves have very little also practice charity? (Plus the story of how confirmation students holding a food drive met Bishop Wall without recognizing him)

20:40 – Imitate Christ through charity


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