The Grace and Grotesqueness of Flannery O’Connor


Flannery O’Connor is one of the darkest and most challenging Southern writers of the 20th century. She was also deeply, unapologetically Catholic, infusing her body of work with characters forced to confront the most unpleasant aspects of human nature. But for each encounter with the grotesque, there is a confrontation with grace, and the opportunity each human being has to accept or reject the what is good, true, and beautiful.

In this podcast episode, Bishop Wall unpacks his favorite O’Connor story, “Revelation”, and how this deeply Catholic author, who died young from the disease of lupus, remains one of America’s most authentic literary champions of truth and beauty.

Despite her illness, O’Connor also loved to raise peacocks and various fowl at her home in Georgia.


Misfits and Mystics: Flannery O’Connor and Friends
Summa of the Summa by Peter Kreeft
A Temple of the Holy Ghost

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