Introducing the Ladies of Charity, with Guests Suzanne Johnson and Sr. Elizabeth Racko


The Ladies of Charity are a group of lay women worldwide who follow the Vincentian model of “Humility, Simplicity and Charity” in service to the poor.

In March of 2018, Bishop Wall, along with Suzanne Johnson, President of the National Board of Ladies of Charity, and Sr. Elizabeth Racko, spiritual moderator for the local chapter, formally established the Ladies of Charity in the Diocese of Gallup. Members will work locally on a variety of charitable efforts throughout the Diocese.

Topics Discussed:

01:25 – The history and mission of the Ladies of Charity
02:32 – Suzanne Johnson’s role as national President of the Ladies of Charity and Sr. Elizabeth’s as the local spiritual moderator
09:30 – The future of the Ladies of Charity in the Diocese of Gallup


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