CC042: “Rejoice and Be Glad”: Breaking Down Pope Francis’ New Exhortation

His Holiness Pope Francis with Archbishop Antonio Tagle greet members of the Papal Delegation during the arrival ceremony at the 250th PAW of the Villamor Airbase in Pasay City for the State Visit and Apostolic Journey to the Republic of the Philippines on Thursday afternoon (January 15, 2015). (Photo by Benhur Arcayan/ Malacañang Photo Bureau)

What’s the difference between an exhortation and an encyclical? The latest exhortation from Pope Francis, “Gaudete et exsultate”, is a personal letter from the pontiff on topics close to his heart. In this case, he covers topics ranging from care of the poor, to joy, to the power and potential drawbacks of the internet. In this episode, Bishop Wall hits on the most relevant points of the exhortation.

Topics Discussed:

1:00: What exactly is an exhortation?
2:10 – What does Pope Francis say in his exhortation?
03:54 – The importance of silence
07:45 – Is there a particular reason for the Pope to have released this letter now?
09:27 – The power of the internet
12:40 – Pope Francis and the recurring theme of service to the Poor
13:51 – Elevating the human person over politics
16:05 – “Ill humor is no sign of holiness”
17:58 – Start with the Beatitudes
19:43 – “The three most important virtues, humility, humility, humility”


Gaudete et exsultate: full document
“Jazz + jazz = jazz”:


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