CC043: Making a Hobby Holy – Teaching About Saints with Guest Maggie Jetty


Maggie Jetty is a mother and specialist in early childhood development. In her spare time, she began to make “peg saints”: little wooden figures specially hand-painted to resemble recognizable saints and Catholic figures. Jetty noticed that her Saints helped young children to learn about their faith through playing. Then adults began carrying the figures around or displaying them, and Jetty realized that her unique wooden figures were a source of joy and comfort to people of all ages. Now, after hundreds of completed peg saints and a published book, Bishop Wall interviews Jetty about evangelization through art.

Topics Discussed:

01:35 – What are the Peg Saints? and How did Maggie start?
04:21 – Early childhood development and peg saints
08:22 – The most popular peg saints
11:37 – Maggie’s book of saints
13:10 – How Maggie chooses Saints to make into Pegs
15:30 – Advice for people who want to share their faith through art
16:40 – Why peg saints are also popular with adults
20:00 – Reliquarium in Phoenix + outreach to children


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