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CC070: A Catholic Response to Systems of Injustice

How easy it is to feel powerless, angry, and saddened in the face of oppression, racism and injustice! But to act justly and kindly in response, Catholics must keep in mind the two most powerful commandments: to love God, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

In this episode, Bishop Wall reflects on the killing of George Floyd, unjust systems, and offers advice for Catholics on how to productively follow Christ’s call to love and serve our neighbors.

Topics Discussed:

1:12 – The George Floyd video
4:46 – How to productively react to injustice
9:20 – Open Wide Our Hearts: A pastoral letter against racism
12:36 – Saints who promoted civil rights
14:08 – Bishop Wall’s childhood memory of encountering racism
17:07 – Church teaching about the sin of racism can’t be dismissed by Catholics

References and Further Reading:

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