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Monday, June 24, 2024

How (And Why) You Should Make a Pilgrimage

You don’t have to travel halfway across the world or spend a lot of money to make a pilgrimage. Bishop Wall gives advice on how to undertake one – whether in your own home or to a famous site like Lourdes.

“A pilgrimage is supposed to model what we’re doing on this earth, and our goal in this life is to make it to Heaven.”
00:30 – Bishop Wall’s pilgrimage along St. Cuthbert’s Way.
06:32 – What is a pilgrimage? How do you make one?
14:17 – Where should someone start, if they’ve never made a pilgrimage before?
18:03 – Final thoughts

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Featured Image: (L-R) Bishop Wall, Bishop James Conley, Fr. Burke Masters, and Archbishop Paul Coakley at the concluding day of their 2023 pilgrimage along St. Cuthbert’s Way, in the UK.


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