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Diocese of Gallup adds 3 Names to List of Credibly Accused Clergy and Church Workers

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Suzanne Hammons
Suzanne Hammons is the editor of the Voice of the Southwest and the media coordinator for the Diocese of Gallup. A graduate of Benedictine College in Kansas, she joined the Diocesan staff in 2012.

The Diocese of Gallup has added three new names to its list of credibly accused clergy and church workers. There have been credible allegations of past sexual abuse of a minor (all occurring prior to 2004) against Br. Mark Schornack, OFM, Fr. Ephraim Beltramea, OFM, and Fr. Diego Mazon, OFM. After careful investigation, the Diocese of Gallup has come to the conclusion that these names should be added to the list. Their assignments in the diocese were as follows:

Brother Mark Schornack, OFM (deceased)


St. Michael’s Mission, St. Michaels AZ (02/1952)

St. Michael’s Mission, St. Michaels AZ (09/1956)

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Kayenta AZ (06/1968)

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, Fort Defiance AZ (06/1969)

St. Michael’s Mission, St. Michaels AZ (01/1970)

St. Francis, Lumberton NM (1978)

St. Francis, Gallup NM (1979)

St. Anne, Klagetoh AZ (06/1979)

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, Ft. Defiance AZ (06/1980-07/1981)

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, Ft. Defiance AZ (1983-1984)


Fr. Ephraim Beltramea, OFM


St. Francis Church, Gallup NM (06/1970-05/1973)


Fr. Diego Mazon, OFM


St. Joseph Church, San Fidel NM (06/1977 – 05/1980)

St. Michael’s Mission, St. Michaels AZ (06/1980 – 06/1981)

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, Ft. Defiance AZ (06/1990-06/1994)

St. Francis Church, Gallup NM (07/1994-12/2003)


As Bishop James S. Wall has stated in his letter to the affected parishes and survivors,

“When I became the Bishop of the Diocese of Gallup, I committed to ensuring that the children in this Diocese and in the Parishes, Missions or Schools that operate within the Diocese were protected. In the past the Diocese published names of those working within the Diocese against whom there were credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. That list is available on the Diocese of Gallup’s website (

“The publication of additional names does not mean that our vigilance and continued investigation ends here as the investigations remain ongoing. The survivors who have come forward should be commended for their bravery and courage, and I express my deepest apologies for the actions of those who violated the trust of the survivors and the parishioners within the Diocese by committing these terrible acts. I reaffirm my commitment to protect our children and my commitment to continue to assist those who have been harmed. I call upon all the faithful to participate in our programs designed to provide a network of protection for our children from the many sources that can bring them harm. Together we can provide a safe environment for all.”

The Diocese of Gallup strongly encourages anyone harmed by the sexual misconduct of an employee or clergy within the diocese to contact law enforcement. We also welcome you to contact the Victims Assistance Coordinator of the Diocese of Gallup, at 505-906-7357.




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