The Emotional and Spiritual Experience of Being a Bishop


With his recent 8th anniversary since episcopal ordination, Bishop Wall reflects on his experiences in the Diocese of Gallup, and both the difficulties and joys that come with the role as spiritual leader for over 60,000 Catholics.

Discussion points: 

00:50 – We discuss Bishop Wall’s recent travels
05:25 – How it felt to pick up the phone one day and realize that he had been named a bishop
10:10 – Was it intimidating, thinking about the many new responsibilities that come with being a bishop?
11:25 – What do you like most about being a bishop?
13:30 – Bishop Wall has a large, close-knit family in the Phoenix Diocese. Was it hard to leave them behind?
17:45 – What are some differences between life as a priest in the diocese of Phoenix and life as the leader the Diocese of Gallup?
19:45 – Why do bishops have so many conferences and meetings?
21:25 – Final reflections on nearly 20 years of priestly ordination and 8 years of episcopal leadership



Useful Links:

What Does God Want? by Fr. Michael Scanlan

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