Friday News Roundup: McCarrick Dismissed from Clerical State; AZ Legislative Updates, and more

Arizona Legislative Update – Important Protections for Babies Preserved

On February 20, 2019, the Arizona House Judiciary Committee rejected a bill (HB 2696) to deny babies born after failed abortions with basic medical care.  Following testimony from the Arizona Catholic Conference and other allies the bill failed on a vote of 0-8, with two voting present.

Arizona has long had a law on the books requiring that babies born after a failed abortion receive basic care.  In 2017, this law was successfully amended to clarify the type of basic care required, as well as ensure that at least one person who is trained in neonatal resuscitation is present in the room for abortions taking place after twenty weeks’ gestational age.

These statutory provisions are common sense.  They were even the law of the land in New York until very recently when essentially the same provisions were repealed and a national controversy ensued.

The Arizona Catholic Conference strongly believes that Arizona’s current law gives newborn babies a better chance at life, and is grateful that HB 2696 has been defeated.

Follow Arizona Legislative Updates Here

Theodore McCarrick Dismissed From the Clerical State

From the National Catholic Register: “Vatican rejects an appeal from the former cardinal archbishop of Washington DC after he was found guilty of ‘solicitation in the Sacrament of Confession,’ sexual abuse of minors and adults, and abuse of power.”

Read the full article here

Coverage of the International Summit on Abuse in the Catholic Church

Presidents of Bishops’ Conferences from around the world are meeting in Rome for a summit on abuse and protection of minors.

Follow coverage of the summit here

2 Radio Interviews with Bishop Wall

Bishop Wall recently appeared on the Archdiocese of Santa Fe’s program to discuss news and goings-on in the Diocese of Gallup

Listen here

He also made a monthly appearance on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air program, discussing the 2 radical anti-life bills currently being debated in the New Mexico legislature.

Listen here


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