Honoring the Spirit of the Advent Season


Last year Bishop Wall gave us an in-depth look at the joyful history of Advent. This year, we’re once again exploring this very important liturgical season, but with a new twist. Namely, how do we enjoy the season without succumbing to overconsumption and materialism, or the loneliness and depression that often springs up in wintertime? Give it a listen by clicking the play button above!

Discussion points:  

1:10 – A quick overview: What exactly is Advent?

5:15 – How is Advent different from Lent?

7:35 – Lent is usually observed through sacrifice, prayer, and almsgiving. So how should Catholics observe the Advent season?

11:50 – The purpose of praying for survivors of sexual abuse

13:55 – Don’t give in to loneliness or despair – how to find ways to spread happiness

20:45 – Combating materialism

22:12 – Using Advent as an opportunity to grow closer to God


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