How to Cope With Illness and Suffering


Whether coping with illness or watching a loved one suffer, it can be hard to get through each day without resorting to fear, anger or sadness. Bishop Wall has faced two tough illnesses of his own, and discusses his own experiences with suffering.

Discussion points: 

00:41 – Bishop Wall’s own experience with illness
04:55 – What to do when we feel angry at God or others
09:22 – How should we help a friend or loved one who is suffering?
11:02 – As Catholics, we’re used to hearing the phrase “offer it up”. But what does that mean, exactly?
13:19 – How should we deal with fear?
15:05 – Why seeking to avoid suffering and discomfort at all costs is not always productive
17:25 – Why euthanasia is an intrinsically unethical response to suffering
18:56 – What are some good readings and prayers for coping with illness?
21:20 – How St. Kateri and St. Paul are good role models for people who are suffering with bad health

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