What “La La Land” Can Teach Us About Marriage

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One of Bishop Wall’s favorite movies among this year’s Oscar contenders was “La La Land”. In this episode, he discusses why the themes of the movie stuck with him long after the credits rolled, and their relevance to modern romantic relationships.

Discussion points: 

02:09 – Why marriage matters, and how it forms the foundation of our society
05:35 – The procreative vs. unitive aspects of marriage
08:06 – The error with the modern secular idea of separating the unitive from the procreative, or rejecting the gift of life
         – Why “what’s in it for me” is a bad attitude for marriage
10:30 – Why divorce rates have sharply increased over the past century
14:34 – Humanae Vitae and the foresight of Pope Paul VI
17:00 – Jesus’ teaching on marriage
18:30 – What La La Land can teach us about relationships
26:42 – Why we should feel encouraged about marriage rather than discouraged

Useful Links:


Humanae Vitae, full text

Natural Family Planning vs. Birth Control and the Impact on Divorce Statistics

La La Land: Trailer

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