Why Religious Liberty is Crucial in American Life


Separation of Church and state is an important aspect of American life, but all too often, but it doesn’t restrict the practice of religion to one hour per week. When our religion is something that infuses and permeates every aspect of our lives, how do we preserve this spiritual influence while also acting as good and faithful citizens?

Discussion points: 

00:47 – What is the Fortnight for Freedom?
02:30 – Recent threats to religious liberty
05:35 – Historical threats to religious liberty in America
10:45 – Elections and religious freedom
12:10 – Why is religious freedom so important for a country?
14:00 – Does separation of Church and State mean religion should be kept completely out of the public square?
15:35 – What happens when Catholic religious figures meet with politicians?
21:15 – How to be a good Catholic citizen



Useful Links:

Catholics in the Public Square, by Bishop Thomas Olmsted


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