How the Tekakwitha Conference Serves Native American Catholics


St. Kateri Tekakwitha is an important role model for Native American Catholics, especially in the Diocese of Gallup. The Annual Tekakwitha Conference carries on her legacy in the modern age, ensuring that the voices and cultures of Native Americans are properly represented in the Catholic Church.

Discussion points: 


 00:30 – Catching up on Bishop Wall’s recent activities: The USCCB meeting in Indianapolis; the Sacred Heart Spanish Market
05:15 – What exactly is the Tekakwitha Conference?
10:15 – What makes St. Kateri a good patron for Native Americans?
11:35 – What was it like to attend her canonization with Native American Catholics from the Diocese of Gallup?
12:45 – Who are some other Native American role models?
13:50 – What are some overall goals of the Tekakwitha Conference?
17:15 – What is the USCCB subcommittee for Native Americans?
18:55 – Bishop Wall’s favorite thing about visiting all the Native American communities?
21:00 – The annual St. Kateri Feastday Mass in the Diocese of Gallup



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