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Humanae Vitae Mas Pertinente que nunca: Releyendo la Encíclica profética del Papa Pablo VI

Dios nos ha dado un diseño para una vida matrimonial feliz. Hemos pasado más de 50 anos ignorándolo y vemos los resultados en una sociedad dañada. No podemos permanecer en silencio.

From the Bishop: The Prophetic Wisdom of Blessed Pope Paul VI

God has given us a blueprint for a happy married life. We have spent more than fifty years ignoring it, and we can see the results in a broken society. We can be silent no longer.

From the Bishop: This Lent, Give Your Heart to Christ, Who Loves You

Prayer, fasting and almsgiving afford us the opportunity to move beyond ourselves.

Saints for Today: Simon the Apostle (1st Century)

In art he is often seen with a falchion type sword, which according to the tradition, was the weapon with which the heathen Jewish priests hewed him to death.

From the Bishop: Mother Teresa, An Icon of Love and Humility

Saint Teresa of Calcutta is the saint who, in our modern times, put a face on the virtue of love.

“Humanae Vitae” More Pertinent than Ever: Pope Paul VI’s prophetic encyclical reconsidered

The goodness of family and marriage is written on our hearts; everyone longs for family and intimacy.

Bishop Wall on new Holy Father: “We heard the news of great joy”

"Please join me in supporting our Holy Father with our prayers, love and support."

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