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CrosierCast Episode 03: Why Mercy Matters, Part 1

Why is the practice of mercy such a big deal?

CrosierCast Episode 02: What is the “New Evangelization”, Exactly?

The term "The New Evangelization" has become more and more popular in recent years, but what exactly does it mean?

CrosierCast Episode 01: Keeping the Faith in a Contentious Election

In this first episode, Bishop Wall discusses how Catholics can fulfill their civic duties without violating their principals.

Legacy of Love: Mother Teresa’s Sisters Uplift the Unwanted People of Gallup

“Mother Teresa always said 'we are here for poorest of the poor', who have no one. They are fallen, so somebody has to lift them up."

Once Lost but Now Found: Two Men Find a True Home as New Deacons

"When I received that book of the Gospel, I had tears in my eyes."

Catholic Art in New Mexico: A Centuries-Long Collision of Faith, History, and Creativity

"There is history here, like no other place around. You don’t find this any other place in the United States."

Love of Art and Literature Unites Bishop, Teacher, and Student Contest Winners

"How we treat the 'least of these' is part of who we are, and helping them develop their character and see these characters in a sympathetic way."

2nd Annual Spanish Market Will Celebrate Traditional Southwest Religious Art and Culture

This big a collection of artistic masters is hard to find all in one place outside of the plaza in Santa Fe.

Annual Blue Mass Honors Police and First Responders

"As first responders, you are instruments of God’s peace."

Obtaining an Indulgence Through One of the Diocesan Holy Doors

What better time to gain a plenary indulgence than during the Lenten season? For the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has sought to make...

The 6 Best Lenten Smartphone Apps

While Catholics have been observing Lent for thousands of years, it's only in the 21st century that we've gained access to the vast wealth of information and convenience that smartphones provide.

Cursillo Movement Puts Piety and Faith into Action

These Catholics are using a decades-old tradition of piety, study, and community to put their faith into action.

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