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CC069: Keeping the Faith During a Pandemic

For most American Catholics, the Coronavirus is unprecedented; no public Masses, suspension of Confirmations, closures of schools – the list goes on. But pandemics, limited access to the Sacraments, and tough times have occurred many times throughout the history of the Church, and so it is up to Catholics to face uncertain times with courage, perseverance, and hope.

In this episode, Bishop Wall is joined by Bishop James Conley, Fr. Matthew Keller, Fr. Mitchell Brown, and Deacon Randolph Copeland (a physician) for a discussion on maintaining hope and faith during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topics Discussed:

2:00 – How to keep the faith in trying times
10:24 – How to not give into fear and anxiety
16:00 – What to do if you or someone you know is sick
17:00 – Good recommendations for spiritual reading and practices

References and Further Reading:

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