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Bishop James S. Wall

CrosierCast: The Knights of Columbus and Catholic Manhood

"Those basic principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism help to make a stronger society."

CC023: Answering Racism with Courageous Love

In this episode, Bishop Wall proposes that Catholics and people of good conscience act as Jesus has always called us to: with courageous love for one another.

CC022: Introducing Fr. John Cormack

Meet your newest Diocesan priest!

Why Religious Liberty is Crucial in American Life

Separation of Church and State does not mean freedom from religion.

How the Tekakwitha Conference Serves Native American Catholics

St. Kateri Tekakwitha is an important role model for Native American Catholics, especially in the Diocese of Gallup. The Annual Tekakwitha Conference carries on her legacy in the modern age, ensuring...